Why Don’t You Slide? New Trends in Tiny Burgers

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Burger just got a whole lot smaller. And tastier.

Created in the 80s, sliders were intended to be a way to produce decent and delicious fast food on a budget. The global trend for this miniature burgers has hit Dubai and seems to suddenly be everywhere. You can enjoy them sitting at one of the JBR restaurants on the promenade while watching the waves or have a heap of them delivered straight to your door. Instead of staring at the menu desperately trying to decide between sweet onion relish or ahi tuna with black garlic and sherry vinegar (it’s a tough choice, we know!), sliders mean you can pick and choose to have to it all. Brilliant!

While sounding appealing to the consumer, this trend is also empowering chefs to get out there and experiment too, as the traditional hamburger is ironically very limiting; people don’t necessarily want a traditional size shrimp burger with a rich brioche bun. But three tiny, yet flavor-packed, morsels of sensory madness seem to really hit the spot.

And, with restaurants working to outdo the other, you’ll be hard pressed not find anything to suit your taste buds.

The bun

While the traditional bun still reigns supreme there is now a bit more choice.  There are the flavoured bun options, onion or sourdough. Or you can opt for something more unique such as a crostini or salty pretzel bun. If you want to experiment with something completely different, why not try the new avocado “bun”, a whole avocado chopped in half and filled with burger ingredients!

The cheese

The time has come to move away from the American yellow cheese. Thank goodness.  While cheddar or Swiss may still be the most popular there is a growing call for the more complex cheeses out there. So, go with something a little more daring like Stilton or smoked gouda. This will give your burger a lot more flavour!

The condiments

Sauces have always been a bit dull on burgers; pretty much ketchup or barbeque. But when you have unique buns and baps you really need something to bring the burger alive. Try out mango pepper relish or tomato jam to give your taste buds the ultimate treat.

The patty

We all still love a top-quality beef burger, but it would be a mistake not to try out the unique and tasty fillings hailing from all over the world. How about the Cajun hammour, buttermilk fried chicken or southern fried tiger shrimp?

The days of grabbing a massive triple patty from your local greasy spoon, fillings and sauce dripping on your trousers, may be slowly falling out of fashion.

Is your mouth watering yet? Ours definitely is.

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