Move over Sriracha. Two New Hot Sauces that will Blow your Mind

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Everyone has their poison of choice. One that they rave about. One where parting would be too unbearable to imagine. So I beg indulgence when suggesting that it might be time to broaden one’s horizons. Since becoming a foodie favourite, a bottle of sriracha in the kitchen cupboard is de rigueur, right next to the bottle of harissa for Saturday morning’s shakshouka. But it seems that these culinary explorations have increasingly emboldened our longing for further exotic discoveries; Pandora’s box has had her lid blown right off so to speak. We want more. No longer content, we are searching for something a little different. More mysterious. More extraordinary. Bolder flavours, and hotter than ever. Something to blow our proverbial socks into next Tuesday.

I am sure a few sriracha loyalist eyes are watering right now with such a bold claim. But bear with and make room for the new hotshots in town.

These 2 Sriracha condiments will blow your mind.

Gojuchang (GO.choo.jang)

Fresh (more like freshly fermented) out of Korea, you cannot get more exciting than this delightful goo. More often found in a tub as opposed to a bottle, gojuchang is versatile and wily; and we are predicting this thick, red paste will go mainstream, just as Sriracha did.

Made from red pepper, soybeans, glutinous rice and salt, which is then fermented, it has a tanginess and pungency, elevating any dish to which it is added. It’s being added to Bloody Marys’ to punch them up; lending an earthy warmth that plays nicely with the traditional horse radish sharpness. Hybrid foods are trending right now and on they recommend adding it to their bibimbap tacos. If you are less into fusion and more into good old spaghetti bolognese, you can add a dollop to your sauce to make life interesting.  Or why not try a watermelon gochujang margarita? Perfect for summer!

A staple in all Korean homes for decades, there is no doubt that gochujang has arrived (with a bang) on the global food trend map and we will probably end up falling in love with it too.

Ghost pepper sauce

When a sauce has adjectives such as ‘insanity’ associated with it, you know you are onto something special. This really is a next-level sauce that is not for the faint-hearted, but more for the seasoned spicer-upper.

The ingredient ghost pepper hails from North India and is said to be 400 times hotter than Tabasco; one of the first peppers to rate over one million on the Scoville scale. Need we say more? So proceed with caution. But do proceed – with (some healthy) wariness of course – and you shall be rewarded with a fruity yet savoury experience that according to converts results in total addiction.

And it seems true as people are going stir crazy for the stuff. It features in candies including Theo Chocolate’s salted caramels which are dipped in dark chocolate before being sprinkled with chili flakes. Wild Turkey bourbon offers Wild Honey Sting as its ode to the aptly named ‘scary spice’ by including it in the ingredients list.

More often than not this ingredient is added in teeny amounts rather than as a condiment. But for the die-hard among you, don’t fret Elijah’s Extreme Ghost Pepper Sauce comes highly recommended and has plenty of accolades to give it a ton of street cred. So why not give it a try.

We dare you.

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