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Slavic food

Slavic food is a must try at this stunning Dubai based restaurant

When you walk into Vesna you know you are in for a culinary and atmospheric experience. Rich velvet curtains and plush furnishings give the interior an understated feeling of opulence, designed with Baltic and European characteristics. The staff are immediately welcoming and eager to show off and recommend dishes and wine pairings. The open kitchen allows you to watch the chefs working hard under the watchful eye of the super talented and prize winning head chef Maksim Tvorogov.

Located in the stunning and highly respected Conrad Hotel, right next to the Metro station, this restaurant offers a little taste of Eastern Europe right in the middle of Dubai.

So what is Slavic food?

Slavic cuisine is the general vernacular for food originating from the central European and the Baltic region. Traditional Slavic food is healthy, hearty and down to earth. The ingredients are fresh and diverse, reflecting the varying and wild geography of the region, with potatoes, tender meats and rich flavoursome broths.

Over the years as it has been gaining recognition the dishes have been refined, however, there still remains a great deal of heart in this cuisine. Even at Vesna the chef never compromises on flavour over design. Each dish is carefully considered and you are left feeling as if you have tasted something truly special.

Fine dining Slavic style!

Even though I have travelled and eaten around the world I have never tried Slavic food, so my trip to Vesna was genuinely exciting. My lovely friend Lynsey and I dressed up to the nines sauntered in with high expectations and stomach’s rumbling.

We were first struck by the design of the restaurant, elegant, moody and grand. Escorted to our table by our incredibly friendly server Darya, to start we were supplied with bread with the addition of the creamiest butter I have ever tasted. Rich and salty we both had to make the conscious effort to not eat too much in order to save room for the main event.

Slavic food

A fine dining experience is never complete without a glass of wine. We were recommended the Pinot Grigio by our other attentive server Slava. It was an excellent suggestion tasty, crisp yet light enough to not overwhelm your palate. After a few sips of wine (and another cheeky piece of bread and butter) it was time to look at the menu.

Vesna does feel like a restaurant where you can sit back and talk about the food and surroundings. We didn’t feel rushed but encouraged to really appreciate and drink in the surroundings. The menu is beautifully designed with their signature floral pattern, and filled with unique and mouth watering delicacies. We were recommended to try the Vesna mushroom crêpe, a soft parcel filled with mushrooms sautéed in cream, floating in a pool of sour cream. Juicy, creamy and salty, however, superbly balanced with the cool taste of the cream. This was paired with the interestingly named Teschin Yazik or Mother-in-law’s tongue in English. Soft roasted eggplant with a spicy garlic mayonnaise, it definitely had a spice kick and woke up our senses!

Lynsey and I were lucky enough to meet and chat with the head chef Maksim Tvorogov. Young and enthusiastic, he explained his passion and drive, offering to bring us something he recommended off the menu for the main course, we were obviously eager to try anything. Poured another glass of the delicious, crisp Pinot Grigio it was time for the main course. We selected a traditional beetroot salad, sweet yet tart with a creamy dressing the perfect cool accompaniment to our Golubtzi. Small soft cabbage parcels filled with succulent and juicy Wagyu beef. Next came the chef’s recommendation, Salmon with Nero rice. Perfectly grilled salmon on a bed of lavender rice, with orbs of caviar delightfully popping and flooding your mouth with subtle flavours of the sea; seriously tasty and mature flavours.

I have never been a person who rushes to the dessert menu, I am more of a savoury girl. But, I do have a weak spot for Pavlova, and imagine my surprise to come to a Slavic restaurant and see it on the menu. Of course, this is not Pavlova as you know it. This is a contemporary deconstructed dessert, with fresh cream fruits and fluffy whipped custards!

After our 3-course extravaganza we were feeling rather full. To aid with digestion chose to end the meal with some mint tea. Vesna really does pay attention to the small details. They serve the tea in a beautiful floral teapot, making you really feel taken care of.

Vesna is a restaurant to go for any occasion. Of course, it is a great setting for a date night with its beautiful surroundings and sharing menu. Also perfect for a night out with the girls or boys, you can go and spend your time in this restaurant, pause between courses to listen to the spectacular singer Alena and talk about the food. On Mondays, they throw a fun ladies night, an occasion to dress up for and let your hair down! Overall Lynsey and I had a truly wonderful dinner at Vesna. It was warm and inviting and the menu for unique, varied and delicious.

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