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The world is a bit crazy at the moment and more than a little unpredictable. So it is little wonder that we’re craving the familiar. And what doesn’t epitomize comfort food more than the desserts our moms used to make? All the classic flavors and combinations we love but with updated take and an added dash of cozy nostalgia. What’s not to like?

Although, we have to warn you, there is a bit of shape-shifting going on. So, they might not be in the form you would expect.

Mini Desserts

Why get a slice when you can try a little of everything?
It might be a throwback to the eighties, but there is a strong leaning towards bite-size or mini desserts. Little chocolate flans and titchy, bite-sized banoffee pie desserts. Or how about little apple pie wonton cups? It really doesn’t get cuter or sweeter than this.

Hybrids Desserts

These desserts continue creating a bit of a stir into 2016. Think “cronut” and you will know what we mean. There have been rumors of ice-cream stuffed croissants desserts which we are currently on the lookout for in Dubai.

A resounding success in the fusion department has to be the macaron ice-cream sandwich. According to food bloggers out there, Yolkin in London, is the place to go for these sweet treats. Lychee & Rose is available for those who like fruity florals and then there is the more grounded but just as sweet Salted Caramel. For those who are after a true retro throw back, the Red Velvet sandwich might your soulmate. The Good Batch in Brooklyn makes their ice-cream sandwiches with caramel rice crispie treats. Chicago based Firecakes gets consistently great reviews of their ice-cream sandwich desserts made between two halves of a donut.

Then there is also a re-take on choux pastry. Who doesn’t have a great childhood memory involving profiteroles or chocolate éclairs? Now it too has been given an update. The chocolate éclair cake. A marvelous idea that easy to make and is a crowd-pleasing all-star.

S’mores are also on the list of things that gives one the warm fuzzies. Chez L’Epicier in New York offer a s’mores adventure at your table. All the usual ingredients (graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows) are made on site. You are then given a grill to melt it all together in a sticky mess until your heart is content.

Artisanal Gelato

Handmade ice-cream has been around for a couple of years now but shows no signs of being just a fad; in fact, the trend seems to be gaining strength; making it likely to stick around and we are happy about that.
Rococo in New York is receiving rave reviews while capturing the interest of dessert lovers from around the world with their intriguing flavours. Traditional sweeter ones like Amarula & Pecan are available or the more savoury – Goat Cheese Blackberry Chambord or Red Beets, Tarragon with Orange Zest.

In Dubai, there are plenty of creameries offering up delicious treats at the moment, so get out there and try some new flavours for yourself.

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