NU AIR – Shisha Lounge at The Rixos on The Palm is the perfect way to round off your day

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The new shisha and tea lounge NU AIR is a breath of fresh air on the Dubai food scene.

The Rixos on the Palm is a lovely place to go and escape the hustle and bustle of Dubai life. When you go there you do feel as if you are on your own little desert island, the sound of birds chirping in the trees, beautiful sandy beaches with the view of the twinkling lights of the city, a little piece of paradise only a 20 minute drive from all the action.

After a long week I was feeling quite tired and in need of a bit of pampering so the invitation to head over to the Rixos spa for a massage was very much welcomed and appreciated. My friend and I were treated to a 30 minute massage, expert fingers soothing and pummeling away the stress of the day, gentle sounds of the rainforest gently lulling us into a peaceful snooze. We were then treated to a few snacks, the best way to end a massage is with a fresh apple and cucumber juice and some delightful amuse bouche, cherry tomatoes filled with light avocado and strong and heady truffle flavoured cream and cheese. I am a massive fan of snacking and quite happily worked my way through everything on offer.


Already pretty relaxed we made our way over to their sauna and steam room area, the perfect location for a proper girly catch up, after a good steam and a bit of a roasting in the sauna the slightly cool Jacuzzi was a welcome change in temperature. So how do you end an afternoon of serious relaxation and pampering?

I recommend you head over to The Rixos’ brand new shisha lounge, NU AIR.

Set outside with nice couches and cabanas for larger groups of people, Nu Air is a great place to spend a winter’s evening in Dubai. There are professionally trained tea sommeliers on hand to offer you advice and information about the different options. Now, this isn’t your usual fruit tea, where it tends to be a strong aroma but slightly lacking on the flavour…these teas are full of flavour and unique ingredients. I chose the hot cherry tea, which was delivered in a modern and beautifully designed glass teapot. A deep red hue, this delivered on flavour, the subtle taste of cherry not overpowered by extra sugar but enhanced with a blend of herbs and spices; mellow and delicious. The menu is extensive and the experts will help you select a tea to best suit your mood, recommending options based on health, taste and strength. There is also a large shisha menu, although I did not partake in one this trip they sounded tempting, yet again offering something varied and unique.

Simply put I had a lovely time at The Rixos Hotel, the staff are always friendly and engaging and I am feeling much more relaxed this morning!

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