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Read about my thoroughly enjoyable trip to LaLuz in the DIFC

Dubai is a diverse city, where you can find whatever dining experience you are looking for. Need a sunset over the beach? Then go to JBR. Want to watch the yachts sail by? Then head on down to the Marina. If you are looking for a trendy city night out, then DIFC is the place for you.

LaLuz restaurant is nestled away in the Four Seasons Hotel area of the DIFC and it really is an absolute gem of a restaurant. We did get a little lost finding it, so were a tad late, but on arrival the staff were so welcoming we quickly settled in and relaxed.


LaLuz has two essential things going for it, excellent cooking and excellent service. The latter being something, which I sincerely appreciate in a restaurant. The bar staff were quick to offer us refreshment and we had a fun bit of banter. The waiters even asked if we would like to have our starters at the bar with our glass of wine, which it turns out, we did! A thoroughly enjoyable way to have our first course.

My friend Cathrin and I chose the sharing menu for 2 people, 4 courses plus we had a few glasses of wine to compliment the dishes. The first course was the Para Picar sharing platter, lovely nibbles to really whet your appetite. The item that really jumps out at you from this course is the spherical olives…I was also pretty intrigued. They are a gel filled sphere of intense olive flavouring, absolutely delicious and something that I have never tried before. A beautiful little treat that marked the start of a lovely meal. The sharing platter is not too heavy, with cured beef and crispy coca bread with tomato. However, for me the real star of this course was the tomato tartar, a small plate full of vinegary, sweet and slightly salty fresh tomato.  I really could not get enough, the flavour is just right to keep your taste buds tingling and make you keep dipping your fork in. A real winner!


After a nice chat and something to eat at the bar our excellent server Leon led us to our table. I was quite excited about the starters as one of the dishes was a Peruvian Nikkei style ceviche, this is a fusion between South American and Japanese cuisine, a delicious fresh fish, with a heady dashi broth with the addition of roasted popcorn kernels, a sweet yet savoury dish with earthy corn under tones. A unique flavour combination.

What really added to our experience at LaLuz was the excellent service. Leon was incredibly knowledgeable about the cuisine at the restaurant, taking us through the menu and explaining why certain ingredients had been chosen and what lead to the development of the menu. He also recommended wines that would compliment each dish. For the main course he selected a 2015 Viña Pomal Rioja, a light and crisp Spanish wine, it went perfectly with our seafood main course.

The two dishes were rather interesting, octopus with potato foam and Mediterranean black prawn rice. We made the slight mistake with this course of starting with the black prawn rice, an incredibly rich and flavoursome dish, one of the more creative plates of food I have eaten in a long time, with my friend Cathrin proclaiming that it was “possibly one of the best things I have eaten in my life.” The octopus was a far lighter plate of food, and slightly overpowered by the prawn dish. So on a future visit I would make the point to order a smaller plate of the octopus and have it as a starter to the superb and heady prawns.


To accompany dessert Leon recommended a sweet orange Muscat wine. I am generally not a fan of dessert wines, they tend be a little cloying, however, this was a surprise, the floral taste of orange with a hint of sweetness, a lovely palate cleanser before dessert. For pudding there was Torrija with yeast ice cream…I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Much to my delight a torrija is essentially French toast, and I could have wolfed down double the amount they gave us, it was sweet, buttery, caramelized and squishy in the middle, the yeast ice-cream took the edge off the sweetness, this was one of the best desserts I have eaten in a long time. My mouth is watering just remembering it!

Overall my trip to LaLuz was an absolute delight, the menu was creative and engaging and the staff were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, I would sincerely recommend LaLuz to anyone for a classy night out in DIFC.


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