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Healthy Eating

Fulfill your New Year’s resolution at these healthy eating restaurants.

2017 is here and if you are anything like me you may have over indulged a little during the festive season. Now my inbox is inundated with gym memberships and fast food fad diets…none of which particularly appeal. I always get a little bit of a twitch in my eye when someone mentions that we should go to a “healthy eating” restaurant, it always conjures up images of bland tofu, dry quinoa and miniscule portions. However, do not despair there are plenty of places out there offering up dishes that not only taste delicious but will also leave you feeling guilt free and satisfied.

So here are my top picks for restaurants to head to if you want to start 2017 off a little healthier.

The Farm at Al Barari

The Farm has to be one of the most stunning restaurant locations in Dubai, after a 30-minute drive out of the city you will suddenly find yourself heading down tree lined streets before pulling up to a little flower filled oasis. The subtle scent of bougainvillea and cut grass is enough to make you give up your unhealthy ways, truly invigorating. This restaurant really is a haven, quiet and peaceful…while away an afternoon whilst listening to the trickle of the stream and the birds chirping. Plus the food isn’t half bad either!

Healthy Eating

The menu is fresh, inventive and health conscious. From the Paleo courgette spaghetti Bolognese to the tuna Nicoise (both of which I have eaten with gusto) the food is vibrant and doesn’t hold back on flavour. The perfect restaurant for you to start your year right!

Omnia Gourmet at Jumeirah Fishing Village

Bulgarian born Silvena Rowe has leapt to fame in the UK for her innovative and fresh cooking, after opening her first restaurant Quince in Mayfair London in 2011; she has recently made her mark on the Dubai food scene. Omnia Gourmet is located in Jumeirah fishing village and strives to celebrate the local ingredients of this region, rather than importing. Providing an almost entirely gluten free menu, with vegan, raw and vegetarian options. The restaurant is beautifully designed with foliage hanging from the ceiling and earthy tiled floors.

The menu is simple but packed with flavour and spices, such as orange blossom glaze, wild red Camargue rice and black truffle labneh. These unique and often unutilized ingredients show why Omnia Gourmet is a must go to in Dubai.

Maine Oyster bar & grill at The Doubletree Hilton, JBR

Wonderfully charming and rustic this Maine themed restaurant provides good, hearty and wholesome seafood. Whilst everything on the menu may not be entirely for the health conscious (maybe save the cigar menu until February!) the Maine Oyster Bar & Grill has an enviable selection of freshly shucked oysters, described and appreciated like fine bottles of wine, such as Prat Ar Coum Oysters flown in from France, described as having a nutty flavour.

Healthy Eating

Clearly this restaurant knows how to do seafood right.  So if you are looking for an enjoyable pescatarian meal to start your year in a more healthy direction then this is the restaurant for you.

Mythos Kouzina & Grill at the Armada Bluebay Hotel

For me Greek food always stands as the hallmark for healthy food, rich in olive oil, ‘good’ fatty cheeses and lots of tomatoes and vegetables. There are a number of excellent Greek restaurants in the UAE; however, the relatively new Mythos Kouzina & Grill in JLT is definitely up there with the best, plus it is licensed!

An authentic Greek restaurant with white washed walls and simple yet effective décor, Mythos Kouzina offers delectable classic dishes prepared with expertise and heart. The grilled octopus is melt in your mouth, whilst the salads are light and refreshing. A fun and fulfilling way to eat a healthy meal.

If you are interested, I have also written about Gluten free dining in the UAE.

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