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This DIFC brunch is the perfect Friday afternoon entertainment

Bazxar is a trendy brunch spot, which brings in the young and vibrant to party in a cool city bar setting. As a Marina resident I do tend to stay down that end of town, however, the DIFC has always had a massive draw, a location where post work drinks, sharp fashion and excellent conversation mix.

Bazxar is only a 2-minute walk from the Emirates Towers metro station, so no need to worry about taxis and valet parking! Tucked away in the corner of the Gate Precinct Building 4 in DIFC Bazxar has a simple and modern exterior. My friend Carla and I were warmly greeted and led to our table, a small corner section from which we were able to view the whole restaurant, which made for great people watching later in the afternoon! The restaurant has a modern New York style design, with low lighting, industrial table features and cool Modigliani-esq artwork.

The brunch offers three different packages; the Prohibitionist for 295DHS per person, if mocktails are more your style then you should opt for this one, with Bloody Marys and Mojitos on offer!  If you are in the mood to celebrate then you can choose the Gatsby package for 495DHS per person, you can choose between all of the cocktails and bubby! Perfect for an indulgent afternoon.

However, my friend and I opted for the Moonshine menu for 395DHS per person, apart from the usual wine, beer and spirit options there were also a number of cocktails. I chose the Last Tango a gin based drink with balsamic vinegar, something I have never tried before and was immediately sold, not too sweet with a tangy after taste, they were delicious…and I may have pretty much stuck with them for the whole brunch, well except for one or two classy Cosmos!

From the moment we sat down the staff were attentive, quickly delivering us our starters. The Bazxar brunch is a sit down affair, you can choose from unlimited starters, one main course and then a dessert selection. And, unlimited starters were definitely the order of the day! My friend Carla and I thought we would start light with the black pepper beef noodles, dynamite shrimp and crispy mac and cheese. The noodles were particularly tasty with lovely crunch peas and sour oyster sauce, the dynamite shrimp was suitably dynamite-y and the crispy mac and cheese went down very easily! No sooner had we put down our knives, forks and chopsticks than another serving of the starters was placed in front of us! A very satisfying way to start the brunch.

The atmosphere was sociable and everyone was in the mood to let their hair down, you can either sit in the bar area or the dining room depending on what you are looking for, but both are lively and will put you in the mood for a party. Our section was definitely up for a good time, everyone was up and dancing…probably a very sensible way to warm up for the main course.


Because we were feeling a little full we decided to go for slightly lighter main courses, choosing the gnocchi with cherry tomato sauce and the slow cooked short ribs. The gnocchi were light and full of flavour, the tomato sauce not too bitter or sweet was a lovely palate cleanser. We were informed that the ribs had been slow cooked in their homemade marinade for 24 hours, which is probably why they fell apart and were completely melt in your mouth. A delicious meal and well timed for the last hour of the brunch.

By this point it was about 3pm and the tempo of the bar was already starting to increase, people were getting up and salsa dancing, the lights had been dimmed and there were occasionally sparklers paraded through the space for birthday celebrations, it really started to feel like a party atmosphere, I could see why you would end up spending the whole afternoon and then celebrate well into the evening!

Carla and I were continuing with our Cosmo and last tango drink selection…very happily. And even though we were even more full now after mains we couldn’t possibly say no to the desserts. I was rather relieved to discover that it was a tasting board rather than a full dessert each, the mini malt milkshakes were incredibly tasty, with the addition of little jelly orbs of strawberry juice popping in your mouth. The tiny brownies and ice cream were delicious morsels of crunchy and sticky chocolate and the tiramisu had a heady coffee kick. All in all a lovely way to round off the meal!

Bazxar’s brunch doesn’t just end quietly they announce it with sparklers music and a small shot of strawberry liquor for each person…to signal that the festivities have only just begun!

Bazxar was a highly enjoyable way to spend the afternoon, a great alternative to the usual buffet fare, you can just sit back, relax or jump up and dance in a cool and energetic bar setting.

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