Gold Trend: Foods that Midas himself must have dreamed up

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Gold Trend

Back in 2012, a British chef, Ben Tish, came up with the idea to make the world’s most expensive mince pie for Christmas. Priced at 3500 British pounds per pie (a bargain at 21 000 pounds for a tray of six), it was packed to the hilt with some of the most sumptuous ingredients on the planet. These included the use of the ultra-decadent Louis XIII Cognac (which already is 800 pounds sterling per shot), fois gras, Sherry PX, Remy Martin soaked dried fruit mix, white truffle and goji berries. Decorated with brandy cream, icing sugar and gold leaf.

Piqued by the idea of over-the-top ingredient combinations with the addition of gold, we at Keep Dining went in search of other gold uber luxe culinary delights; available to us mere mortals.

gold trens

So, here is what we found:

Ultra luxe

The Manila Social Club in downtown Brooklyn, New York, earlier launched the Cristal Ube Donut. At US$ 100 per pop it’s an expensive snack but definitely an unforgettable one. The brainchild of Executive Chef and creator of the Manila Social Club, Bjorn De La Cruz, this donut is made with Cristal champagne and Ube – a type of purple yam – the icing being 24K gold leaf. Pure and utter decadence!

Red carpet delivery

Over in the UK, earlier this year, Pizza Gogo launched their Gold Pizza. With ingredients including fantail prawns, lobster and truffles, this pizza already sets the bar pretty high. But the addition of 23K gold flakes just sends into another orbit. Not on their regular menu, this pizza is only available to order through Pizza Gogo’s head office and must be placed three days in advance. This 500 British pound creation comes with its own butler to deliver it. Definitely a novelty to be experienced if you have the cash to splash.

Affordable gold in Abu Dhabi

At the Kempinski’s Emirates Palace, all you need is an hour. Spend it wisely and indulge in an aromatic Palace Cappuccino. As much striking as intriguing; this beverage allows you a brief glimpse into the life of kings and queens. The gorgeous presentation includes a generous sprinkling of actual 24-carat gold flakes on top of the dense cappuccino foam, served with dates and dark chocolate. This is one of those experiences to linger over and enjoy every sip; watching the elegantly dressed people of the world go by.

Less affordable gold in Dubai

Over at Bloomsbury’s dessert café, you’ll be able to find what has been touted as the world’s most expensive cupcake. Beautifully served on an elegant Villari 24K golden empire cupcake stand, and at just over 1000 USD or approximately 3600 AED, you will be blown away at the attention to detail. Amedei Porcelana chocolate, Ugandan vanilla beans are just a few of the ingredients. Of course, there is the obligatory gold dust and gold leaf and gold serving spoon; just to remind you that you are indulging to the maximum.

We would love to know what you think of this gold trend. Please feel to comment below. Keep Dining would love to hear from you!

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