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Friday Brunch

Friday Brunch has become synonymous with the Dubai cultural experience.

However, are you really getting your money’s worth? Most tend to run straight for the main course and dessert items, returning to the table with plates piled high…rooky mistake. With so many fantastic delicacies to try it is important to take your time…peruse the spectacular spread and walk (or alternatively stagger) away with your tummy’s full and taste buds satisfied.

Many trips or fuller plates?

This is a constant source of angst for many Dubians, should I take many short trips to the buffet – thus fitting in my daily exercise, or should I just fill my plate to Eiffel Tower-like proportions. The first option is probably the most sensible – plus it makes you look a tad less desperate. There are many options at the buffet, ranging from your common Lebanese salad options e.g. hummus, tabouleh and fattoush to your more exotic choices. Of course the higher end brunches tend to go for the more extravagant, with options such as freshly shucked oysters, rosemary skewered prawns and paneer makhani. If you are opting for the quantity over quality option then I say fill your boots, take as many trips and fill your plate (to a point!). However, with more lavish plates maybe take your time to savour your dish and pair with a tasty wine.

Cheap & cheerful or expensive & elegant?

Price is always important, especially if you are brunching at the beginning or end of the month. Everyone dreads the birthday rush when every single invite reads, “ Lets celebrate in style with a ‘nice’ brunch” – nice being code for a little more expensive than your average beach bar fair. However, does price really matter when it comes to brunch?

If you want to try something truly extravagant then how about Pierchic at the Madinat Jumeirah. This stunning restaurant is ideal for a romantic evening; situated on a pier looking out over the sea, at sunset you will be awe struck. At the high end of the brunch price range this one will set you back 750 Dhs for the bubbly package, but we believe it is completely worth it. With a sumptuous fish spread, plucked straight from the sea to your plate, with dish options such as baked whole sea bream and yellow tail carpaccio, this really is a brunch to save for a special occasion.

Friday brunch

If you are looking for a more average priced Friday brunch, around 350 – 500Dhs, then there are many different options. Have a look at Nobu, the internationally famous Japanese restaurant is just as worth a visit in Dubai. Especially, if you need a break from the usual brunch sushi. This trendy eatery will make you remember why raw fish became so popular in the first place. Or how about The Gramercy located in the DIFC; at around 350 Dhs this is the place to go if you want fine dining at a reasonable price. With a cool jazz vibe this brunch gives you the upmarket American experience.

If “cheap and cheerful” is more your level then the Warehouse is perfect at 300 Dhs, this one is great value for money and so much fun with a nightclub feel, this is definitely one for a friends night out. However, perhaps you in search for something more low key and kinder on the wallet? Then head over to Bidi Bondi on the Palm. At only 140 Dhs for 4 drinks and a decent meal, it is a fun afternoon out. The food is tasty, the drinks are plentiful and the atmosphere is chilled out.

Location, location, location

We are so fortunate in Dubai to have a city with so many varied locations. When heading over to your Friday brunch it is important to decide where you want to be. Is it easy to get a taxi, do you want to spend 45 mins heading home after drinking all afternoon, will it look good on your Instagram feed.

If you want a great view choose a Friday brunch with a top floor vista, there are plenty to go around. La Parilla in Jumeirah Beach hotel has fantastic open views of the Burj Al Arab, excellent Argentinian food and the dancing is pretty great there too!

Or if you are more of a beach person try out Blue Marlin. This one may be a bit of a drive, heading out towards Abu Dhabi, but it is worth it. The exclusive setting sets this brunch up to be one classy afternoon out. Make sure you get your beachwear bling on point.

So, when it comes to the Dubai Friday brunch the answer really is to experiment. Even though some are more special than others, what really matters is that you and your friends or family have a fantastic time out.

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