The Feel-Good Festive Brunch

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Festive Brunch

It’s all karaoke, rainbow candies and blisteringly strong Mojitos at THE MED

Looking for a venue for your end of year staff party? Or perhaps, you and your mates are looking to have a jolly Christmas shindig?

If so, BRUNCH ON 8 at THE MED is a decent option. Now they have added 1 whole extra hour to their festive brunch so the time is extended from 1pm to 5pm during the festive season. The traditional carvery is added to the lineup along with other festive themed drinks and food items. THE MED and Garden on 8 are part of this Brunch on 8. Why 8? Because all the action takes place on the 8th floor of the Media One Hotel. After soaking up the jovial brunch atmosphere, you can head over to Deck on 8 to continue the party.

Festive Brunch

In my book a good festive brunch needs the following: 80s upbeat classics and 90s hits, non-stop drinks, alright food and attentive staff who smile and are full of energy. Well, that is what we got at THE MED on Friday. The place had a great vibe about it. Everybody seemed to just want to cut loose and get aboard the party train. This is the place to wear your Santa hats or reindeer antlers; the place encourages everyone to kick back and have a good time – a little silliness and overenthusiasm is encouraged. While the inside of the restaurant might not particularly have the wow factor, this brunch is big on heart. The service is on good form, and the drinks will keep flowing your way. We never once actually placed an order subsequent to our first one as our server just kept an eye on us and made sure we were well taken care of the entire time.

Festive Brunch

A place for maximum fun. This venue is perfect for larger sized groups who are looking to have a proper zinger of an afternoon. The food is nice enough, and the stations varied so even the pickiest of eaters in your group will find something that appeals. Food stations included: Mexican, Italian, Sunday Roast, Seafood, Salads, Sushi & Sashimi. I couldn’t fault the freshness of the seafood and went back for a couple of helpings of sashimi. Vegetables and salads were fresh if not a little on the bland side. But the Mexican station made up for it. Fresh guacamole and really good chili was the order of the day. Oven-baked pizzas completed the picture. Outside on the terrace a live grill station is also available where you can take your drinks and relax.

Festive Brunch

To round things off, for those of you with more savoury preferences, like myself, a decent cheese selection was available.  But the dessert section deserves a special mention; fun and designed to transport you back to your happy days as a kid, it was without a doubt a winner. Perfectly styled, it looked as if you had stepped into Willy Wonka’s Gift Shop after doing a tour of his factory. Chocolate fountains, massive glass jars of candies of all colors of the rainbow, jellies, tiers of chocolates, brownies steaming away, fruit platters, cakes of every description. It was all there.

Music-wise, the DJ was a great host and got everyone in a celebratory mood with his tunes. If you are looking for a bit of team bonding, then the karaoke might be the way to go. Whether you are after a bit of Radiohead or 99 Red Balloons, the selection of songs was extensive and the atmosphere supportive. You don’t have to be the best singer in the world, all you have to do is have fun.

Festive Brunch

Just a word of warning: the drinks are definitely on the generous and strong side of things. Perfect if you are looking for some “Dutch courage” ahead of performing your favourite karaoke song.

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