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Are you as in love with Tex-Mex and Mexican food as we are? We found out there’s a thing called Entomatadas and it’s not just as good as Enchiladas, it’s better. Antonio makes them like no other, and has a few other culinary surprises in store too.

The oil crackles as the corn tortilla begins to fry. The tortilla is then dipped and bathed in a robust tomato sauce and filled with cheesy goodness and/or meat if you so choose. This is a beautiful humble meal.

Entomatadas are not to be confused with enchiladas; the difference being that entomatadas are drowned in a tomato sauce while enchiladas are covered in a chili pepper-based sauce. The ingredients can easily be found in most supermarkets, but the dish itself of course originates from Mexico. Due to the quick prep and the few ingredients required it’s easy to understand why it would be a working-class staple.

In Texas where Tex-Mex food is in abundance I have yet to encounter more than one restaurant that offers it. Or maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough. I did find a true hidden gem tucked away in a secluded outlet. This oasis is called Farm to Fork. It is hands down one of my most cherished restaurants and when I’m done explaining why, it’ll be your favorite too. Let’s begin with the dish that made me fall in love after one bite;
Marisol’s entomatadas. Containing a fried egg, chorizo refried black beans, queso fresco, avocado creama, tomatada tortillas and oaxaca queso.

Antonio, who is the chef, is a master of all cuisines and he has decided to take a traditional poor man meal and make it more elegant. And so he did, it radiated warmth and love and made me feel like I was in Mexico. The salsa was incredibly flavorful and fresh with a deep smoldering aftertaste. Everything is made from scratch, with local produce and meats. If you don’t eat meat or animal products – don’t worry. Tell him your dietary restrictions and he will whip something up for you on the spot.

Antonio started with a food truck; and what truly made him stand out is the fact that he changed his menu DAILY. Going to farmer markets for inspiration and picking out ingredients – what he bought in the morning is what he served that day. That was a year and a few days ago. Now Antonio has a 4 month old brick and mortar that is by reservation only. Open from Thursday-Saturday between 5pm-10pm and on Sundays from 9am-2pm. His Sunday brunch selections change weekly, and his current dinner menu will only be around for 2 more weeks.  After that he will change it up completely and use the next menu for 5 months. You’ll be introduced to entirely new options to gorge upon. I got to see a peak and it confirmed to be that this chef is one of the most talented people I’ve encountered. Compatriots of San Antonio ya’ll are some lucky bastards because he will be opening up a new location there around December. I am beyond ecstatic to see what the future has in store for Farm to Fork.

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Restaurant: Farm to Fork// 8310 E Fm 3523, Ste 110, Ransom Canyon, Tx 79364

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