These dreamy milkshakes are from out of space

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And they have just landed in Dubai

For the past few years the health trend has been on top. People opting for the low carb and gluten free this and that; the whole vegetable substitute in desserts thing. We are still scratching our collective heads over avocado in a chocolate pudding.

Really? I mean no. Just no.

It’s just that, if you are going to indulge in something calorific, do it properly.

It is so much more fun that way. We all need a little indulgence in our lives. And perhaps, you are searching right now for a way to mix it up a little. Or, a lot.

Well, stop looking. We have the answer.

Enter the extreme world of the super indulgent, over the top, splurge terrific milkshake.

With enough sugar to make your dentist go demented, you will feel like the ultimate rebel.

The origin story

Milkshakes are the archetypal American beverage. Dating back to the 1880s, they were originally made with milk, eggs and a good shot of booze. However, by the early 1900s the humble milkshake had become more recognizable as the drink we have today. Simply made with milk or ice cream and blended together, making it to the top of most people’s favourite drinks list. I, personally, am a sucker for a large strawberry one.


However, recently the milkshake itself has had a bit of a ..erm…shake up! The Black Tap in Soho New York has been making milk waves with their extravagant and totally indulgent ‘crazy shakes.’ A well-established NY restaurant, they introduced their Shake Menu in 2015 to a standing ovation. With a number of options out there, including the birthday cake in a glass with real birthday cake perched on top, they just blow our minds. True maestros.

So, many thanks to these intrepid New Yorkers. All hail the audaciousness of it all!

Edible entertainment

The Black Tap creates amazing looks in their restaurant, with glasses resembling unicorns with shards of sugar glass and rainbow candy floss. Whole candy apples plonked on top. Or how about M&Ms tumbling down the side…sigh. Life doesn’t get more whimsical than this. They’re like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Mr Wonka would himself be proud.

Cruising on down to the southern hemisphere, you need to pop into Australia’s Pâttissez for their aptly names Freak Shakes. The name says it all. Massive ice cream-filled mason jars with full impact creaminess and scrummy flavours including: spiced apple, red velvet cake and Oreos; overflowing and piled high with cookies, cream and marshmallows. The pictures alone will make you swoon.

London too has caught the sugar buzz; Molly Bakes is a bespoke cup cake and milkshake store in the heart of the city. Top on our list is the Baileys and pumpkin spice shake. We think this is worth the 7-hour flight. Something for the Halloween to do list.

Where to find these milkshakes in Dubai

But if you a bit skint or don’t feel like a long-haul flight. No worries!

There are also places to find these stupendous milkshakes right here in Dubai.

The Black Lion in the H hotel Dubai

has wowed everyone with the own bold milky versions. There are several to choose from, however, the strawberry Eton mess looks delectable with crunchy meringue and a crown of spun sugar is a dream. For something a tiny bit less sweet is the maple and pecan, topped with whipped cream, does the trick.

Go to Fume in Pier 7 and Downtown Dubai and enjoy your strawberry cheesecake drink with popping candy along! This trend is still relatively new in Dubai but we are confidently predicting that in time you will find more and more restaurants offering these unusual and jaw dropping milkshakes.

A sugar addicts and instagrammer’s dream, head out in Dubai and don’t forget to hashtag us in your pics with #dineinthecity!

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