Authors Choice: 4 brunches in Dubai for under 300 AED

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After a busy year, some of us are feeling a bit skint. And, with Christmas coming up and possible travel abroad to see families over the festive period, we are needing to compromise a little on our spending. But that doesn’t mean that we need to curtail our shenanigans totally. You can still have the fun you want without causing too much of a dent in the bank balance.

Here is a list of great value brunches that offer a little more bang for your buck.

Spice and Ice Cluster C, JLT

Price: 199 AED incl. house beverages

If you are after something more exotic and packed with some extra heat, Spice and Ice, is a superb way to roast those taste buds while cooling your heels at the weekend. Perhaps, you are more of a traditionalist. Well, then they have all the expected Indian favourites. But if you are somewhat of a more adventurous type, then you will be tempted by their more contemporary molecular gastronomy section. We tried it out the other day and it was without a doubt a highlight. Mango balls filled with white rum were a particular hit and the paneer was ultra-silky and of great quality. With a great ambience and a highly popular DJ, these brunches in the party vibes; meaning you won’t be disappointed. Great value!

Girders Garden at JA Ocean View Hotel

Price: 199 AED incl. house beverages

If you after a relaxed vibe to kick back and watch a few sports games while noshing on some BBQ, salads and cocktails, then this option will suit you down the ground. A great little outdoor terrace that is perfect for those balmy days and nights in Dubai, Girders Gardens, will provide you with entertainment and great food. The Cherry Wood Smoked Beef is a popular choice on the menu along with other standard British pub fare: Steak & Ale pie and Bangers & Mash. If you have a predilection for sweet treats then the Deep Fried Mars Bar served with cold custard is absolutely smashing. Need I say more.


Double Deckers at Al Murooj

Price: 275 AED incl. house beverages

A perennial fallback option, this brunch is the ultimate cheap yet ultra-cheerful one on the list. No frills. No fuss. Just good value. All dishes are based around all the old-British favourites. There are no real surprises here. If you’re after good roast and Yorkshire pudding, an upbeat atmosphere and good tunes, then this brunch will appeal. Just a word to the wise though, if you let your guard down, you may end up having a very, very good time. Perhaps too good a time. Be considered warned!

Lock Stock and Barrel at The Grand Millenium Hotel

Price: 299 AED incl. house beverages

Relatively new on the scene but a roaring success, the brunch at LSB is an energetic and lively affair. The menu is served in rounds and is based on favourite dishes of an American Southern Style BBQ. There is Bayou Popcorn Shrimp and Buckets of Mussels with Garlic Bread featured alongside Cap ‘n Crunch Chicken and Pecan Pie for dessert. All simple and tasty. There is nothing particularly fancy. It all leans to having a good time and with their extensive bar and live music later on in the evening, you are guaranteed a fun afternoon that could have legs that take it into the evening.

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