French meets Vietnamese: Have you tried Banh Mi?

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Banh mi

If you haven’t tried Banh Mi yet, you are missing out. Big time.It is the ultimate fusion food example.

Banh Mi left Vietnam’s boundaries to become a worldwide food sensation. Declared as one of the world’s best street foods to consume, Banh Mi has quickly become one of the most recognizable dishes of the Vietnam cuisine.

So what exactly is banh mi?

A crispy French baguette filled with the tastiest Asian flavours. Easy to consume. Incredibly satisfying to try.

In Vietnamese Banh Mi indicates all kinds of bread. In the rest of the world is now known as one of the most succulent and trendy street foods available.

It is simple, yet full of vibrant flavour, as you would expect from typical Asian street food.

The base for this Vietnamese gourmet sandwich is a crunchy French baguette. It is usually filled with pate, mayonnaise, pickled vegetables, meat and herbs. Then seasoned with few drops of hot sauce.

The French influence is evident in the base of this dish. The baguette, the pate, the mayonnaise are typically European ingredients.

The fillings, though, are typical Asian flavours. Cilantro, Daikon, Char Siu. All strong flavours. All different textures. Combined to create a balance between European and Asian food hard to find elsewhere.

Banh Mi comes in all sorts of variations. Vegetarian, with cold cured meats, hot cooked meats or even eggs for breakfast. You choose.

The Banh Mi culture has taken the world by storm. In New York, London, and LA you can find restaurants that specialise in this unique Vietnamese sandwich. The ultimate fusion food is always changing its shape. Absorbing other cultures. Becoming even tastier.

Vietnamese restaurants have started popping up in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Even if they’re not specialised in Banh Mi. There is a cultural shift towards alternative Asian Cuisines. It’s just a matter of time until Banh Mi becomes a thing here too.

If you want to try delicious Vietnamese food there are options.

Lao, at the Waldorf Astoria, offers a very high-level experience of Vietnamese food. In a very classy, but relaxed environment this the best option if you want to taste some tasty and well-executed dishes.

Voi is another option for a luxurious Vietnamese experience in the heart of Dubai. It’s elegant decor and delicious meals will blow your mind.


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