About us

From ladies’ nights and the revival of gin to trendy brunches in DIFC and Japanese cuisine. And from cuts of steak and sticky date pudding to vegetarian gems and explaining charcoal in food. We live and breathe dining, gastronomy and everything culinary. We have an insatiable appetite for knowing more about food, wines, and the venues that serve them. We like being up to speed with the latest trends in the world of eating out. We also happen to adore dancing and going for a drink. And the UAE is our playground – with some of the best Chefs in the world, the absolute latest in nightlife, new restaurants and bars opening every time you blink.

When planning a night out, finding information about venues isn’t necessarily the hard part. Finding genuine, trusted reviews and a bit more background information to help you decide where to go is hard. And if you have a craving, or a new trend you’ve been dying to try, it’s not easy to find out which restaurant has it on their menu.

Keepdining.com brings it all together – a magazine with articles, reviews, features and a website that allows you to reserve a table at the venue you’ve just been reading about, or register for an event, say, a South African wine and cheese night at that new place in town.

Our partners are high end venues who strive to provide the ultimate dining experience to every guest. Created by people with as much of a passion for it as you have, our online magazine and website are updated weekly, sometimes daily, with beautiful, hunger- and thirst-inducing content. We are building a community of like-minded people; with everything you need to know at your fingertips. And this is just the start.

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