6 Insider Tips to Really Enjoy Your Steak house Restaurant Experience

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A scrumptious slab of meat cooked to your liking. A variety of delectable appetizers and side dishes. Getting your fill of these delightful fares is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of dining at a steak house.

But there is more to dining at the best steakhouse in town than simply ordering a plate of meat, gravy and other dishes. If you want to have a truly enjoyable and satisfying steak meal, here are some insider tips that will help you out:

  1. Reserve a table beforehand

The most popular, well-loved steakhouses will always be full regardless of time, whether it’s a weekday or weekend. If you want to avoid the long wait, make a reservation several days before your planned dinner or lunch.

Reserving a table beforehand will help you avoid the stress staying in line waiting to be served. In addition, if you make a reservation, you can choose a good spot. This means you can avoid sitting near the restroom or the kitchen where people are always going to and fro.

There is no excuse not to make a table reservation today anyway. You can do this online via the restaurant’s website, send them an email, or just call them up.

  1. Get an appetizer or two

Although the main reason you are dining at a steakhouse is to enjoy a good steak, it doesn’t mean that you should starve yourself before you get to the main course.

As such, when ordering, get one or two appetizers that are not too heavy. Make sure they can tide you over until the main course arrives. You can even share a plate of appetizers with your date or companions. This will ensure everyone isn’t too hungry (or “hangry”) yet not too full to enjoy their steak.


  1. Select the right side dish

The steak is the star of the meal and, as such, it is best to order side dishes that won’t overpower your taste buds and make you forget about the main dish.

A side of baked potatoes, simple salad, slaw, or even some chips will complement your steak. Leading steakhouses often offer an impressive lineup of dishes such so try to explore the menu offerings such as sandwiches and salads, seafood options and your choice of drinks.

  1. Order your steak according to your preference

Chefs and foodies always recommend that when ordering steak at one of the best steak restaurants, to have it cooked medium rare. This is because steaks are more flavorful, juicy, and tender when cooked this way.

However, if you prefer your steak well-done, then tell this to the wait staff. Don’t let other people dictate how you should have your meal. You will enjoy your meal better if it is prepared according to your liking.

  1. Choose the right drink to accompany your meal

Red wine is considered the best drink to pair with a steak meal. It always brings out and enhances the flavor of the meat.

However, if you don’t like red wine, there are other beverages you can pair steak with like white wine, beer and soda. Many foodies recommend drinking premium whiskey or scotch while enjoying a steak dinner since it also enhances the flavor. This is because dark liquors have robust compounds that complement the flavor of the steak.

But not all beverages go well with a steak. Beverages that have an extremely strong or distinct flavor such as sugary ginger ale won’t go well with your meal. They will end up covering or masking the flavor of steak rather than enhancing it.

  1. Once your steak arrives, cut it to see if it is cooked to your preference

Lastly, once your order is served, cut the meat in the middle to check its temperature. This is the best way to check how the steak has come out.

If the meat is not cooked to your liking, you can always send it back. If it is undercooked, the chef or cook can cook it a bit more. However, if it is overcooked, you will have to wait for a new steak to be cooked according to your preference.

Don’t forget to end your meal with something sweet. Whether the restaurant specializes in Japanese cuisine or other fare, the best ones will have a selection of amazing desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth. If you choose the right steakhouse restaurant to go to, you won’t be disappointed whether it’s their mains, appetizers or their sweet offerings.

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