6 Best Items to Try in a Contemporary Japanese Restaurant

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The Japanese usually say this before they eat. It is one of their unique customs that basically expresses their appreciation for the food and who prepared the food. There really is not direct translation but it can be loosely compared to Bon appétit, Smaklig måltid, or “Let’s eat!”

When in Abu Dhabi, you can still definitely utter these words. There are a handful of authentic Japanese cuisine restaurants that will definitely make you thank your lucky stars.

Truly Japanese

Abu Dhabi is a cosmopolitan city thrumming with verve and and vigor. It is a multi-ethnic playground that offers a dizzying selection of treats. From exhilarating theme parks to tastebud-tickling dishes, it is no wonder that people from all over the world enjoy all that Abu Dhabi has to offer.

True-blue tourists, busy businessmen, and world wanderers of every size, shape, and color come to this mesmerizing metropolis. They also come to savor the wide range of delectable dishes offered in the UAE capital.

A melting pot of cultures, restaurants offering different cuisines from every corner of the globe have opened their doors to anyone and everyone willing to go on a culinary adventure while in Abu Dhabi.

One such epicurean escapade is to sample the authentic flavors and Japanese fusion creations in one of thebest Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi. With everything from sushi and sashimi to your favorite bento, teppanyaki dish and tofu in kaminabe (paper pot), a Japanese restaurant worthy of its culinary roots is definitely a must-try.

Japanese Restaurant

Here are six of the best items to sample when you visit an authentic Japanese cuisine and fusion food destination:

  1. Crispy Rice Topped with Tuna

Uber-popular in its Los Angeles and New York locations, this lightly seared morsel of sushi perfection is just the right combination of traditional and modern Japanese.

The crisp texture of the rice is accentuated with the tangy tuna flavor. This pop of delicious goodness can transports you to Japan in just one bite.

  1. Spicy Crunchy Yellowtail Tartare

This delightful yellowtail tartare is tender and full of flavor. The crunch adds more personality to this exquisitely prepared raw cake.

The natural sweetness of yellowtail is paired with the spiciness of jalapeno all rolled into one crisp and delectable sushi. Those scared of spicy food need not worry, as it is not burning hot. Instead, it just teases the taste buds with the right amount of zing that will leave you popping more into your mouth.

  1. Hamachi Fusion with Soy Yuzu and Truffle Essence

Another signature dish is the hamachi fusion dish. Delightfully seasoned with the salty and tarty flavor of soy yuzu, the truffle essence adds a distinct flavor that offers one a truly global take on traditional Japanese sashimi.

  1. Miso-Bronzed Black Cod

The clean, neutral taste of black cod is the perfect base for the rich miso glaze. Served with a medley of vegetables, this entrée is just right to satiate taste buds clamoring for some seafood goodness.

Miso is a traditional Japanese paste that is a staple in almost every Japanese kitchen. Its fermented soybean taste usually mixed with rice wine or barley and other seasonings make it a flavorful accent to any dish.

  1. Kobe Style Filet Mignon

Authentic Kobe beef from the HyĹŤgo Prefecture in Japan is known all over the world for its fatty, well-marbled texture, teeth-friendly tenderness, and fantastic flavor.

This Kobe-style beef dish is another signature creation that is cooked “toban-yaki” style – meaning it is roasted on a ceramic plate. The result is an evenly cooked, tender and juicy steak with flavors that burst inside your mouth.

  1. Chilean Sea Bass

Another offer of top grade seafood, the perfectly grilled Chilean sea bass has a buttery bite. Ichimi (spicy red pepper flakes), ginger, and shiitake mushrooms bring out a heady flavor that fills not just your stomach but also your spirit. The perfectly cooked and flaky fish, along with its tasty trimmings, is a supreme addition to the already decadent menu.

Perfect combination

You won’t run out of food options in amazing Abu Dhabi. This is where food can be savored from bountiful breakfasts, fantastic Friday brunches, to delectable dinners and desserts.

For a truly terrific Japanese experience, you should sample the perfect combination of conventional and contemporary Japanese cooking in this dining destination designed to make you say, oishi!

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