Is multi-sensory dining the next level?

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multi-sensory dining

We explore avant-garde dining concepts that will move your mind

Picture yourself in Shanghai.

You are not entirely sure where you are. Having been picked up from a designated meeting place, you and 10 other people are dropped off in an undisclosed location. Perhaps, a factory of sorts? You can see a digital wraparound screen. All the sounds and smells you are exposed to are controlled.

You literally could be anywhere.

All you do know is that you are in for an experience. A 20-course extraordinary experience to be precise.  You are now fully at the mercy of world-renowned Chef Paul Pairet, his concocted sounds, smells and flavours carefully devised and curated to provoke and evoke your palette. Moving you to feel and taste things that you have never before experienced.

This is Ultraviolet

Affectionately known as UV, here it is all about the show; Chef Pairet taking you for a multi-sensory dining experience which you have never been before. The Cirque du Soleil of gastronomy, perhaps. One guest commenting that even with the best restaurants, one fails to always be truly stimulated by the flavours. But with Ultraviolet, whenever he hears the phrase “hells bells”, sees Mediterranean fabric (we don’t understand either…) or an aquarium, he is instantly transported back to UV.

Quite an achievement in today’s world of hyperstimulation.

Another guest’s experience reportedly included the Apollo Mission to the Moon. Set in a nondescript location, guests were purportedly drinking a 1969 vintage while being treated to a rocket countdown. Then, suddenly, they found themselves standing in the midst of a generated blizzard. The first course, Apple-Wasabi Ostie, was served, the chilly air reawakening senses; making one feel that if ‘fresh’ had an actual flavor – that this would be it.

Mission accomplished.

For that really is the point; to wow your brain through new sensation combinations. Already, in one course, your world is turned inside out. 19 more to go!

So, if you do manage to get a highly-prized reservation, be sure to turn up on time and enjoy contemporary gastronomical theatre. Something which is, without a doubt, out of this world.

multi-sensory dining

Now, where can you find multi-sensory dining in Dubai?

An excellent question, and we have a couple of decent options for you:

Enigma at the Palazzo Versace Hotel is a place that has caught our interest. Introducing a culinary concept unrivalled in the UAE, Enigma aims itself at discerning diners. With a rotation of 4 chefs and 4 different concepts per year, as of the 1 October 2016, Enigma has begun its third rotation with Chef Yunus Emre Aydin. He aims to introduce diners to the culinary tales behind Turkish cuisine, with the current story entitled ‘The Inside Story’. Previous tales have been ‘Vanguard’ and ‘Journey of a Nordic Chef’ and both were highly successful. All ultra-secretive and elusive, you will have to visit yourself in order to have the enigmas of the stories revealed.

On the other hand, if you are after something a little more low-key and less showy, but with all of the intrigue, Noire at The Fairmont Dubai on Sheik Zayed road will be one for consideration. Dining in pitch-black surroundings with your partner will be memorable and mysterious. Heightening all your other senses; your brain will swirl through the myriad of textures and flavours that will be thrown your way. Each course is paired with a wine or mocktail, with even some connoisseurs being thrown in the reveal afterwards; nonplussed after believing the white wine that they had been drinking turned out to actually be a red. Definitely an unforgettable night out with friends or a date!

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