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Power lunch at Cocktail Kitchen in your life - Keep Dining Magazine

Add some glamour to your midday break

We all know the feeling; we have our precious lunch break but can’t face another sandwich. You are craving a satisfying lunch for a decent price but can’t find anywhere to go.

Based at the Armada Hotel, JLT, Cocktail Kitchen has come up with the perfect solution. Offering diners a two-course meal (starter & main course) with a glass of red or white wine and coffee or tea for the set price of 100 AED.

With its understated interior, subtle mood lighting and quirky edge to interior design make this a place to be seen. Easily noticeable are the over-sized and adorably kitsch, golden flamingo pitchers, which are used to serve zinging fruity cocktails and walls adorned with modern artists and photographers, changing depending on the time of year.

Cocktail Kitchen has built a reputation in a short time for its inventive and delicious cocktails; however, they also offer a menu of classic dishes with a contemporary twist. In the evening, you can enjoy your drink with dishes such as Left Leg of Lamb or Naked Prawns. Very intriguing!

However, for those of us who have hectic schedules, Cocktail Kitchen is now offering a Power Lunch. A great way to get to grips with some seriously good food without taking up your whole afternoon.

Recently, I was lucky enough to try out this dining concept. The menu offers an impressive range of dishes for a lunch deal; starter options range from Cured Salmon with Beetroot Puree to Hot Eggplant Soup. The menu included my favourite dish Beef Carpaccio, which came with the interesting addition of a vermouth emulsion. The perfect blend of sweet sauce, balsamic vinegar, peppery leaves and thin slices of beef, and I enjoyed it so much so that I will be returning for another plate in the near future. Another dish that captured my attention was the Squid Pillows. They were completely moreish, with subtle flavours of garlic and ginger coming through.

The dish sizes are perfect for midday. Nothing is too heavy or oversized that is going to prompt that post-lunch slump. Instead you can energize yourself with meatballs for the main course – a simple dish with a lot of flavour – alongside the fried octopus. This was a new experience but it was surprisingly tasty and meaty.

The menu is well-balanced, and includes a decent mixture of old favourites as well as a few creative options to test your palate.

So, if you are looking to add some calm and chic to an already frantic schedule, Cocktail Kitchen is the perfect place to find balance while indulging your taste buds in the heart of bustling Dubai.

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